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My new client.

I love getting a brand new client. Of course there’s the financial side of it that makes me happy but also the challenge of helping them make some (sometimes massive) changes in the way they live. Jane is ready. She’s carried around an extra 12 or so kgs for over 5 years and she wants rid of them. I’m excited for her because I know over the next few weeks she’s going to feel her clothes get looser and looser. And she’s going to feel great!
I went to her house during the week and had a look in her kitchen cupboards. It wasn’t hard to see why she’s overweight……loads of bread, pasta, crisps, cheesecake, and also low fat yoghurt, low fat spread, Diet Coke, tinned stuff, all total rubbish. We cleared it out and went to the supermarket!!! (She lives alone so it won’t be too hard for her to fill her fridge with healthy food and nothing else) I’ve written her a weeks worth of meals and snacks to go with the contents of her fridge.
Jane is going to train with me twice a week, walk everyday, breaking into a run when she feels like it. She’s also going to attend a couple of classes at the local leisure centre, I’ve point out a few that I think may suit her. I can’t wait to see how she gets on.
Watch this space…..

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