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Goals….and press ups.

A quick update on Jane’s progress…….she is AMAZING! I take my hat off to her. Throughout the festive season she kept up with her workouts, steered clear of the Quality Street and exercised self control when it came to alcohol. When most of us are feeling bloated and lethargic, Jane has entered 2013 feeling fantastic and very proud of herself.
Her total weight loss so far is 4.8kg. One of the goals we set was to lose 4 kgs by the end of the year. Our next session will begin with setting new goals for the next few weeks. These will not only focus on weight loss but include fitness and strength goals too. For example, we have been working towards Jane being able to do press ups. First we started with wall press ups which was all she could manage in the beginning. Slowly over the weeks we moved from leaning on the wall to a table, she’s now doing incline press up on a low coffee table with perfect form. Next move……the floor.
The press up is one of the best body weight exercises around. It not only works your upper body but it also strengthens your core muscles. A lot of people, if they find that the standard press up is too difficult will bend their legs and rest on their knees instead of their toes. Unfortunately, doing this means that you don’t have to utilise your core muscles so much to perform the move. And if you don’t utilise them, then they won’t get stronger. The best way to modify the press up is to raise your upper body……an incline press up. This means that your core muscles still have to work hard to keep your body nice and straight. So as your upper body gets stronger so will your core, meaning that you will progress faster and will be doing standard press ups in no time.

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