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New year, new you?

It’s a recurring theme for many of us every new year…….we make new year resolutions to get fit/lose weight/eat less chocolate with every intention of succeeding only to be back to old unhealthy habits before the end of January. A resolution to improve our health is a very worthy one, that’s why so many of us make this our goal. We’re already a couple of weeks into the new year, so how many of you are still sticking rigidly to your plan? Here are a few tips to help you stay on track so you are still on the fitness bandwagon when summer arrives.

1. SET ACHIEVABLE GOALS. However high you like to aim, it’s vital that you make your goals achievable. Aiming too high will set you up for failure and then you will end up feeling demoralised. Not good.

2. PLAN IT OUT. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Write out how you intend to achieve your goal, but again, make it realistic. Don’t write that you aim to go to the gym 6 days a week if your schedule just won’t allow it. Think hard about how much time you have to devote to exercise. Also plan what you are going to do once you get to the gym, or get a trainer to write a program for you. Likewise, write out your weekly food plan with the shopping list to go with it. Then, when you’re in the supermarket it will be easier to stick to that list and not load up with food that will make you crumble when your defences are down.

3. GET SUPPORT. Tell your friends and family what you are trying to achieve. Ask them to support, not tempt you. You don’t need someone waving chocolate in front of you at 9 o’clock at night!

4. VISUALISE SUCCESS. Think about how you will look or feel when you have reached your target. Literally, close your eyes and see how you will look…..pretend you already look and feel like that. How does it feel? The mind is very powerful and visualisation can be a great tool in getting where you want to be.

5. SIMPLY RESUME. If you do slip up don’t see that as instant failure. Just simply resume without beating yourself up about it. Think about what triggered the craving or made you to lose motivation and try and avoid that situation again.

Remember my favourite motto……..


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