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How do you stay motivated?

Hopefully by now your new year resolutions have become good habits. You’ve got your routine that seems to work and you are enjoying your new found fitness. However, even the most dedicated fitness fanatics have days when they find it hard to drag themselves through a workout. We all occasionally collapse on the sofa after work instead of working out. I asked a few of my fittest friends how they stay motivated when they are having an off day, week or month. These are a few of their answers…..

WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS. Even if you have done this in the past and are still working towards them, you may find that writing them down again will cement in your mind why you are doing this. You could also come up with a new one or two.

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Mixing up your exercise routine every few weeks is a good idea anyway. That way your body will keep adapting to new challenges and you will make more progress. It could be that you are bored doing the same class at the gym, or the same route on your run. So do something you haven’t tried before or something you haven’t done for a long time, be it a new class, a swim, rock climbing or ice skating.

TAKE A BREAK. Maybe your motivation is dying because you are burnt out? If you think this is the case then a week off from any exercise may be just what you need. Don’t feel guilty, sometimes we all need some down time. You will come back revived and ready for anything.

LOOK AT THE CLOCK. I always think to myself ‘if I start now, in an hours time I will be feeling great, if I don’t, then in an hours time I will be feeling rubbish’. Just do it!

GET A PERSONAL TRAINER. Commit to a trainer once or twice a week to get you back on track. Even if its just for a few weeks. Pay up front and, I bet you, you won’t be cancelling at the last minute.

LOOK FOR INSPIRATION. One of my friends says that whenever she is feeling lazy she picks up a fitness magazine or reads an inspiring book. Looking on website forums can also motivate you. When you see what other people are doing, you may want to do the same.

Everyone is different. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you find something to bring you out of a slump and keep you active.

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