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Weight loss and Water.

What is the relationship between drinking water and losing weight? Can something as simple as being adequately hydrated have an effect on weight loss? Our bodies are largely made up of water. At least 60% of our body weight is made up of fluids. It helps with many tasks including temperature regulation, cardiovascular function, waste product removal and metabolism. So it makes sense that we need to consume plenty of water to help with all these things.

Research has shown that being hydrated has a tremendous effect on cell function and metabolism. This in turn affects the body’s ability to burn fat. A cell that is properly hydrated can function at optimum levels. This includes transport of nutrients into the cell and transport of waste out. Water helps flush toxins from your body and cleanses your liver and kidneys. This is important as your liver is responsible for metabolizing fat and the kidneys clear out all the nasty stuff you don’t need. Water also keeps your bowels functioning normally. Constipation is no fun and if all that waste is getting backed up, your weight loss results will suffer, so drink up!

Anyone wanting to lose weight should attempt to hold on to their muscles. In fact you should try and increase muscle mass as this helps in maintaining weight loss. A lot of diet programs result in muscle loss and this is one of the main reasons for rebound weight gain. Researcher has found that muscle breakdown is greatly reduced when cells are adequately hydrated.

Dehydration can also lead to fatigue, muscle and joint stiffness and lack of mental clarity. This in itself would be a hindrance to any weight loss program. By keeping adequately hydrated you will be helping your body function at it’s best.

But remember….coffee is not water, neither is tea, fruit juice, milkshakes, soft drinks, beer or wine! Having a bottle of water near you at all times during the day can help remind you to drink up. If you don’t like the taste try adding a squeeze of lemon or fresh orange. Drink water, drink it often and drink a lot of it!

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