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TRX Group Training

Split squat with end range shoulder flexion.

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My excellent TRX-ers in action….

I just wanted to post some photos of some of the brilliant people who come to my TRX classes regularly. You all work so hard and the improvement I’ve seen makes me proud. You rock guys! Thank you for continuing to make this the best fitness class […]

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Why women should lift heavy weights.

Put down those pink dumbbells, girls…… And learn why you should add some weight to your strength training. We already know that increasing and maintaining muscle mass is one of the best ways to keep body fat in check and to improve overall fitness, especially as we […]

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A quick word about fats.

EAT FAT…LOSE WEIGHT! Many dieters are confused about the role of fat in their diet. We’ve been told a different story about fats from ‘experts’ over the years, and that has led to many misconceptions about this macronutrient. Conventional diets that are heavy on carbohydrates like grains […]

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Can sleep deprivation cause weight gain?

Have you ever considered that not getting enough sleep can cause you to gain weight? Research into sleep and weight is new and there is much to discover, but researchers know that sleep deprivation affects normal physiological functioning. In the short term this is not such a […]

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Weight loss and Water.

What is the relationship between drinking water and losing weight? Can something as simple as being adequately hydrated have an effect on weight loss? Our bodies are largely made up of water. At least 60% of our body weight is made up of fluids. It helps with […]

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Is Stress Making You Fat?

IS STRESS MAKING YOU FAT? Did you know that the amount of stress you are under may have a direct connection to the size of your waistline? Research has shown that how you deal with everyday stress can affect your weight….in particular how much fat is accumulated […]

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How do you stay motivated?

Hopefully by now your new year resolutions have become good habits. You’ve got your routine that seems to work and you are enjoying your new found fitness. However, even the most dedicated fitness fanatics have days when they find it hard to drag themselves through a workout. […]

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How to lose weight.

I seem to be repeating myself over and over again at the moment. People are coming to me asking what is the best exercise to do to lose weight…..well, the truth is, exercise will help burn off some calories but if you are serious about shedding some […]

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TRX – the smart way to train.

The TRX is one of my favourite pieces of equipment. It’s so portable and I can use it with all of my clients, from the unconditioned beginner to the seasoned athlete. It suits almost anyone. A couple of weeks ago we launched the new TRX group classes […]

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