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New year, new you?

It’s a recurring theme for many of us every new year…….we make new year resolutions to get fit/lose weight/eat less chocolate with every intention of succeeding only to be back to old unhealthy habits before the end of January. A resolution to improve our health is a […]

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Goals….and press ups.

A quick update on Jane’s progress…….she is AMAZING! I take my hat off to her. Throughout the festive season she kept up with her workouts, steered clear of the Quality Street and exercised self control when it came to alcohol. When most of us are feeling bloated […]

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SPECIAL OFFER for January and February.

For January and February only we are giving you the chance to save money. Buy 2 sports massages and get the third one for FREE! Iron out all those niggles and start your year feeling on top form. Great for anyone training for a spring marathon. Don’t […]

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One week down…..

I’ve thrown Jane in at the deep end a little bit actually, she’s young, has no injuries or health issues apart from the extra weight and I feel she can cope with a being pushed out of her comfort zone pretty much from day one. To her […]

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My new client.

I love getting a brand new client. Of course there’s the financial side of it that makes me happy but also the challenge of helping them make some (sometimes massive) changes in the way they live. Jane is ready. She’s carried around an extra 12 or so […]

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No time for exercise? I don’t think so.

To be honest, I’ve never really bought the whole “I don’t have time to exercise” excuse. What that really means is “I don’t have the motivation to exercise”. There are very few days when I can honestly say I don’t have any spare time but there are […]

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Special offer and Gala night!

Tonight we’ve been invited to attend the Debenhams Gala night in Torquay. We will be offering mini massages and promoting a special deal we’re doing in the run up to Christmas. It’s a 6 week course designed to shed pounds, shape up and feel fabulous in time […]

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My first run since my shoulder operation

This morning was my first run since my shoulder operation two weeks ago……a gentle jog a few times round Stover Lake. Felt great and the dog was certainly very happy!

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No running groups this week or next

Remember no running groups this week or next due to my shoulder op tomorrow. Hoping for a swift recovery and to be up and running (literally) by the end of the month. In the meantime…….please keep running.

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