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Do you want to get LEANER, feel STRONGER and get a ROCK SOLID core?

Using the TRX Suspension Trainer you can perform over 200 exercises using 5%-100% of your body weight. The TRX is the most powerful functional strength and core conditioning tool ever created and is suitable for every level of fitness. You will exercise every part of your body, develop muscle strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and core strength by challenging your body in a totally unique way.

Classes are kept small, up to 10 people. This means you get the attention you deserve from the instructor, ensuring you do every exercise with perfect technique to gain maximum benefit.

What is TRX?

TRX is a suspension training system. It consists of industrial-grade nylon straps and handles that you either grab hold of or put your feet into. You anchor the TRX to a point above your head (branch, beam, goal post, door or wall bracket, etc) and use gravity and your body weight to perform 100’s of exercises.

Created by Randy Hetrick, a former Navy SEAL, out of necessity to keep his troops in shape while out in the field where space was limited. He started marketing it to the commercial fitness market in 2005 in the USA. It quickly spread worldwide and has now finally made it to Newton Abbot!

Used not only by personal trainers with their clients, but also for home use, the TRX is suitable for almost anyone as you simply adjust your body position to increase or decrease the resistance.

What are the benefits of training with the TRX?

The benefits of incorporating the TRX into your workout routine are many. You get an extremely functional workout as it allows for the use of multiple planes of motion and works multiple muscles and joints simultaneously. It is the perfect tool for….

  • Delivering a fast, effective workout
  • Developing strength and endurance¬†
  • Improving joint stability and muscular balance
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • People of all fitness levels (pro athletes to seniors)
  • Getting a rock solid core!

TRX and your core.

Developing a strong, stable core will help you achieve any fitness goal. Your core fitness will form the foundation for building strength, power, endurance and overall athleticism. We often throw in some cardio intervals in our TRX classes so you get a workout that will also fire up your metabolism and blast fat to help reveal the rock solid core that’s underneath.

How does the TRX train your core so efficiently?

“TRX trains for reactive stability” says Chris Frankel, head of human performance at TRX , “If your core isn’t tight you’ll lose balance on the straps. Bracing your core before you move becomes second nature. Something as simple as a bicep curl becomes a core stabilisation exercise.”

Or take the single leg squat…..”most people don’t have the strength or balance to do a single leg squat on their own. TRX trains your ability to resist rotation in the hips and builds stronger hamstrings, glutes and core because you have to resist the force of your torso tilting or rotating. Often when you’re doing a 2 leg squat with body weight, you default to your weakest link and don’t notice if one hip rotates because you can counteract it with the other. When you have one leg off the ground all your weakness is exposed and you get immediate feedback.”

You have to use your core stabilisers to work out with the TRX. The fact that you can’t isolate any one muscle means that the exercises are much more functional than any machine in the gym.
It can also improve posture, help prevent injuries and increase your metabolic activity.

Will it help my chosen sport?

Definitely! TRX sessions can be adapted to benefit any sport and there are numerous sport specific exercises. Running, for example, can be improved by using the right exercises to improve the strength element to your stride, leading to an increase in acceleration and speed. You will also find that you have greater stability in your hips and knees and because of an increase in core strength you will be able to hold good running form for longer and reduce fatigue.

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